S3E21:2020 Elec: dirty bomb and domestic terror

In the news for the past two or more weeks are stories of acts of gun violence the country is finally ready to call domestic terror. Domestic terror with guns is the focus of our podcast, and terror using a dirty bomb is the focus of this blog.

Candidates on the debate stage have focused primary on issues like immigration and heath care, the news is forcing the focus on domestic terror.

Usually coupled with racism, as discussed in our last episode, on this episode we are looking at gun violence cause by a variety of other factors.

#theworldasilike is a liberal podcast, but the issues we address should not be. Liberal or conservative everything we discuss in this podcast and blog should concern all Americans.

Take a listen:

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S3E21:2020 elec: voters purged & IT’S the recession stupid

Today’s podcast is all about the changes happening on the state level (not related to gerrymandering) and the effects of white supremacy. And in our blog we discuss the economy and the coming recession.

The behavior by the president shows his leaning toward white nationalism.  In just a tweet today, he called on a long prison sentence for a black man in Philadelphia who wounded a number of cops with an AR 15 riffle.

It was a surprising statement given the president has not been as harsh on the white 20 year old who actually killed people in El Paso, TX.  Nor has he called made any more statements on gun control.

And the president is having a down ballot effect as a self identified white nationalist and Trump supporter stated on Facebook he was going to challenge freshmen African American congresswoman Lucy McBath in Georgia.

Republicans in the district were successful in getting him to exit the race.

On today’s podcast, I highlight MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow at the top and Jason Johnson at the middle of the episode for some spot on remarks:

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On today’s The World As I Like It To Be, we take on conservative and liberal in this podcast. And will be exploring the items to look for in the lead up to the election in 2020.

We focused on the differences between liberal Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders on yesterday’s podcast. Just how far are progressive Democrats willing to go to address the issues that plague this nation? 

In this episode we continue the conversation including other issues driving the democratic party, this time between moderates and liberals.

Then, we look at the other side of the fence and talk about the issues the Republicans have.

Issues, having less to do with Trump, but more about party loyalty and, what I believe is the main problem, disgust with the increase of spending.

Don’t forget to visit V-TIP.COM for more information on previous episodes.

And now, the podcast:

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S3E19: 2020 election: Common cause v Lewis and eight items

So here’s a question: why is no one talking about Common Cause v Lewis? This case, already litigated in North Carolina case may be one of the most important since the Supreme Court punted on gerrymandering.

It could also be the map for how democrats win in 2020 and beyond.

We do a bit of a deep dive into the case in this blog, but in the podcast, we discuss some of the factors that could lead to a democratic defeat or win against Donald Trump. 

I believe “other factors”, like those outlined by Allan Lichtman a professor at American University, can help predict who will win the next election. 

We’ve discussed Mr. Lichtman and his book the 13 keys to the White House in a previous blog/podcast.  Properly calculating these thirteen keys or statements,the professor has been able to predicted the outcome of every election since 1980 (he notes with Bush V Gore that the election was stolen).

So unlike what the liberal media or fivethirtyeight.com podcast would like you to believe, monitoring the polling is not what determines the outcome of an election. 

Our podcast is not going to check off the 13 keys (we may do that some other time), but instead look at some of the outside factors I think could determine the election.

You can call it TWAILITB’s eight items to watch.

In this episode we begin with everything from infighting between the parties to a new organization trying to empower and get out the African American vote.

In addition, we debate the difference between Warren and Sanders (and how I have come to understand the dislike many democrats have with the senator from Vermont).

So in honor of the 13 keys, we have the 8 items.  Let’s begin:

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S3E16: El Paso, Dayton & 2020 Debate Night one

Toady’s show we had planned on talking about the 2020 candidates and night one of the second debate but then two crazy white dudes went to El Paso and Dayton and decided to kill people.

In El Paso, TX the mass murderer was captured after killing, what now appears to be, 22 people and injuring dozens. He left an online screed on a forum for racists that said the killings were to stop the Mexican invasion.

Thirteen hours later in Dayton, OH another sick individual decided to carry out his own shooting. This time he killed his sister and 9 others.

The only reason the body count wasn’t higher is that police were on the scene within minutes, if not less than a minute at the start of the shooting.

In this case, the mass murderer was killed. Note: I will not type the name or mention the name of the killers unless and until it is absolutely necessary if at all.

We will revisit these issues when we discuss the state of the race, but the focus on today’s show is the 2020 primary debate. What do the candidates say about gun violence? Listen below and as always check out previous episodes at V-TIP.COM.

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S3E13: Devastating medical news. Meningioma brain tumor.

On today’s show we pick up right where we left off on yesterday’s show.  Meena gives us a deep dive into the process of learning about and later having surgery for a meningioma brain tumor.

The meningioma, according to Johns Hopkins, is the most common type of brain tumor and the most treatable.

Meena, a certified yoga and Pilates instructor had been suffering from symptoms of what she believed to be an inner ear infection.   But after tests, with an ear nose and throat doctor, she discovers she needs a neurologist. 

We begin the story there.  Meena has just had an MRI and she is about to get the results that will change her life…

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S3:E12: Massage and ALT treatments For pain

Is chiropractic adjustments quackery?  Is a massage as seedy as they say?  Some say yes, others say no.

For Meena, a certified yoga and pilates instructor, the answer is clear.   After undergoing brain surgery, she sought help though alternative medication. 

As we learned in our last episode, she’d become weary of pain medication, pills and potions so often used and abused in this country. Instead she got relief from acupuncture.

On today’s show Meena discusses her experience with massage, chiropractors and reflexology for pain relief. 

Then she explains what caused her to undergo brain surgery.  What were her symptoms and how did she finally locate a neurologist.

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S3:E11: What’s the deal with acupuncture?

So, Donald Trump has the country freaking out once again over his racist statements. This time they are regarding four congresswoman.   

Trump seems to want us to believe this is a strategy to bring out his base.    The media, Democrats and most Americans believe it’s blatant white supremacy.  

Republicans believe two things.  Tax cuts and conservative judges.

I can imagine this whole ordeal stresses most readers out. That’s why we at The World As I Like It To Be podcast will sit this one out.

Instead, in this episode and blog, we will be discussing health and well being with Meena a certified yoga and pilates instructor.

Even with an active, healthy lifestyle, Meena has had a number of health crisis in her life including brain surgery which we talk in detail in another episode.  But in this episode, we focus the beneficial effects of acupuncture.

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S3E10:our Finale! whos popular on today’s podcast

The very popular, still talked about debate on MSNBC, NBC News and Telemundo’s is over but it is our focus on today’s podcast.

The debate, held June 27th is still making news. In our last blog post and podcast episode, we discussed Kamala Harris and her criticism of Joe Biden’s record on busing.

In this episode, Denise from California and I give opinion and analysis of Joe Biden and the remaining candidates featured on the final night of the debates.

Listen here:

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S3E9:is biden still popular and the history of busing in today’s podcast

Today’s show is so jam packed it’s almost an hour long!  The popular debate which aired Thursday June 26th on NBC, MSNBC and Telemundo is the focus of this blog and podcast.

The ratings for night two became the highest rated democratic debate in broadcast history according to Nielsen. But this episode will focus squarely on the disappointing history if desegregation efforts that failed in part due to white moderates like Joe Biden.

The push by those on the progressive left and the internal struggles this nation faced trying to fight integration in the north and the south, transformed the democratic party for a second time.

As civil right drained the party of dixiecrats, busing drained the democratic party of liberal progressives, helping to give rise to the Regan Revolution, conservatism and eventually Donald Trump.

Listen here:  

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