Episode Eighteen: Midterms shaping up

In this episode we continue our discussion about the run up to the midterms with Denise from California.

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But before we begin,  a friendly reminder.

Today is primary day in four states, so do not forget to go out and vote!

From Democracy Now:

It’s primary day in Connecticut, Minnesota, Vermont and Wisconsin. In Vermont, Christine Hallquist is attempting to make history by becoming the first transgender major party gubernatorial nominee in U.S. history. She is running in the Democratic primary. In Minnesota there are several closely-watched primary races, including one for Al Franken’s old Senate seat. Senator Tina Smith—who was appointed to fill Franken’s seat—is running in the Democratic primary against Richard Painter, a former White House ethics lawyer under President George W. Bush.

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Episode Seventeen: Grab em by the midterms

This has been a very eventful week.

We have fires continuing to burn in Northern California causing unprecedented devastation and the scandalous revelations in a new book by former White House adviser and tv personality Omarosa (the President called her a “low life” today).

Then we have the ongoing Manafort trial and last but not least, the anniversary of the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia

it’s a lot.

But on today’s show we are keeping it simple.

Today I am talking politics and the upcoming midterms with Denise from California.

Denise is an activist who supports justice democrats and  progressive candidates nationwide.

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Episode Sixteen: California Burning. Liberals on fire.

On todays’ show we discuss the news of the day with Denise from California.

Carr Fire


USA Today calls the Carr Fire in Redding, California, the deadliest fire in California history.

The toll of devastation from one of the most brutal fires in California history rose Wednesday to more than 1,000 homes destroyed and almost 200 damaged as a sprawling wildfire ignited by a spark from a towed vehicle grew to 180 square miles.

Blistering heat, shifting winds, steep terrain and plentiful dried growth continued to challenge more than 4,000 firefighters battling the Carr Fire, which has killed six people, including two firefighters.

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