Socialism vs Capitalism

The conservative political action conference aka CPAC was held last week.  Some Republicans were horrified by the behavior of the head of the party. 

But for the most part, Republicans were eating up everything Donald Trump was serving.

And the enemy of America has been exposed! Her name is socialism!!!

Vox did a full breakdown of the bizarre antics of the president and on today’s show Denise and I do a breakdown of our own.

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Medicare for more reparations and cohen

Medicare for more and what about reparations?

On today’ episode Denise from California and I continue our discussion on healthcare.  There are many, many different proposals being floated by democrats to deal with the problem of healthcare in America.  At the top of the list is Bernie Sander’s Medicare for All proposal.

While in the minority, Democrats were all in on a single payer plan like Medicare for all.  But recent reports seem to indicate leading democrats do not support the plan

What appears to be gaining traction is a medicare for more plan which would be an amalgam of different popular plans.  One program being pushed by a liberal progressive senator Sherrod Brown is Medicare 55/65.

What is going on in the senate is what the senate was made for.  Vigorous debate.

This is why Jefferson, according to legend, called it the “cooling saucer” of our democracy.

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are republicans winning in the house?

On today’s show we discuss the winning strategies Republicans are using against Democrats in the House.  Even tho the GOP is in the minority, they are using an “arcane” house rule called a motion to recomitt to slow down the legislative process and for another “bite at the apple” on legislation.

In a less formal sense, it gives Republicans a chance to force new and vulnerable Democrats in red and purple districts, to take tough votes.  Some of those votes may be too radical for the constituency of their districts.

This would give a Republican challenger a chance to paint the Democrat as left wing and out of touch.  Surprisingly the maneuver has been so effective, it is reported that Pelosi may get rid of the rule.

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