S3E36B: Not Qualified: Trump judges and the anarchy to come

The seeds to the war that is to come is being planted by Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell as more and more unqualified judges are being added to the appellate court and circuit courts.

Today its Lawrence J.C. VanDyke a judge whom the American Bar Association (ABA) deemed “not qualified” for the appellate court with which he is being nominated.

But that classification makes no difference to Republicans since the head of their party is equally not qualified.

Under Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, republicans have pushed through a stunning 150 judges to the federal bench. It is a lasting legacy for Donald Trump and foretells big problems for progressives.

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S3E36A: NC keeps delivering gerrymandering for Dems

We’ve spent some time on this blog discussing gerrymandering. 

Back when Common Cause v Lewis wasn’t being talked about until the verdict was final, we highlighted it here. Then when the verdict came down, we did a special blog post. 

We also talked about the importance of gerrymandering for Republican dominance going forward.

Republicans cannot have a pesky thing like easy voting get in the way of their attempts to remake the courts, federal and local congressional maps nationwide. In my opinion it is another arrow in the quiver of voter suppression tactics.

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S3E36: debate review finale history of cfpb

On The World As I Like It To Be podcast we discuss the final and perhaps most important exchange of the night. Where should the democratic party be fighting its battles?

With Sander and Warren for structural change or with Biden and others for moderation?

This is a liberal podcast, so listeners should know where we stand by now. Moderation in a world of globalization, of international social media and of global climate change requires a radical response.

Due to inaction and a Republican party that has spiraled down toward authoritarianism, we have lost a lot of time and a lot of ground. Bold action, as Bernie says, is needed.

Then we discuss the fires and trouble in the largest progressive/democratic state in the nation. California. The golden state is dealing with a lot of different issues right now.

How is the governor handling it and is the specter of Gray Davis hovering over him:

Listen in:

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S3E35:Democratic debate: Syria! Guns and Drugs!

On today’s podcast we discussed the topics brought up at last Tuesday’s 2020 democratic debate.  On tap was a continued discussion on Syria and the withdrawal of US troops from that country.

Then the candidates discussed guns where the murder of Atiatiana Jefferson came up thanks to Julian Castro.

I was very impressed with Andrew Yang’s direct talk about how he would handle the drug epidemic in rural areas.  Not so much for Senator Amy Klobuchar.

Listen to the debate below:

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S3E34: democratic debate: a review

On today’s podcast we finally talk about the democratic debate held Tuesday on CNN. All the pundits, pontificators and news people have had their say, and now it’s my turn.

Topics include impeachment, medicare for all, jobs and the wealth tax.

There are issues with:

  • Warren and her inability to counter attack. 
  • What appears to be a slowing down of Joe Biden.  
  • Sen. Klobuchar and Mayor Pete’s lame health care plans and finally
  • Tulsi Gabbard’s bizarre answers to questions.

Those who shone, were Julian Castro and Andrew Yang.  The latter seemed to finally wake up and realize you can cut people off and you can grab the mic for yourself.   I was happy to see that.

Everyone else, Harris, Booker, ORourke and new comer Steyer, were just background noise. 

Take a listen to part one here:

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S3E33:impeachment, syria and RIP Rep Cummings

On the podcast we discuss impeachment, Donald Trump, Syria, Shepard Smith leaving Fox and the death of Atatiana Johnson.

Our coverage of the debate will occur tomorrow, Friday Oct 18 and/or Saturday Oct 19.

As the democrats debated, the news quickly swung back to Donald Trump, yesterday (one could be forgiven if they forgot there was a debate). 

Nothing appears to be more damaging to the President and his base then his decision to withdraw troops from Syria.

An attempt by speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to meet with Trump yesterday to discuss the plan going forward, devolved into what the speaker and minority leader Schumer called a “meltdown”.   

Meanwhile impeachment hearings on Capitol Hill has had more and more people come in and testify and things are looking worse and worse everyday.

What’s going on with Trump?  How bad is this for the Republicans?  Is the pressure is getting to the commander in chief?

Listen to our thoughts here:

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S3E32: 2020 Debate. All eyez on warren

On The World As I Like It To Be podcast we discuss what to expect for the debate this evening.  The debate will be on CNN 8pm EST.

For the first time we will have a single night with 12 candidates.  They are:

Biden,  Warren, Sander, Buttigieg, Harris, Yang, Booker, O’Rourke, Steyer (new comer), Klobuchar, Castro and Gabbard (returning).

Everyone is going to want see how Bernie holds up after having a stent put in after a heart attack.  Is the pace of the campaign getting to him?

Elizabeth Warren has risen in the polls.  According to the Hill she enters the debate with momentum.  Will she leave the same way?

Listen to our view on what to look for tonight, right here:

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S3E31:The Amber Guyger case and DaY One

On today’s podcast the World As I Like It to Be, we discuss the Amber Guyger case and the day one agenda.  

As for the Amber Guyger case, the former police officer’s case ended over the weekend with a guilty verdict and a sentence of 10 years for the killing of Botham Jean.

Jean, an African American man, was resting in his apartment when Amber Guyger entered, shot and killed him. 

As can be heard in the  911 recording, Guyger thought she was in her own apartment at the  time of the shooting and that Jean was an intruder.

Denise from California and I have some strong opinions about this heart breaking case.

And finally the day one agenda.  Listeners can hear the full episode of the Majority Report, and Sam Seder’s interview with David Dayen. Just look for episode 2184.

Is the day one agenda viable for a president Warren or Sanders?  What could possibly go wrong?  We are all democrats, aren’t we?

Listen to why I am skeptical here:

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S3E30: Impeachment and The President

On today’s show we tackle the all important questions of impeachment.  Will Donald Trump become the 4th president in American history  to face impeachment?

What does his base have to do with it and where are the polls?

And, importantly, where are the Republicans and the Democrats?

I have some surprising opinions about both parties when it comes to the two parties.

Take a listen:

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