S3E41: What Saugus High, Syracuse University, Steven Miller and Rodney Reed have in common?

On Tuesday’s show we discussed CA 25 and the Young Turks’s Cenk Uyger’s entrée in the race, the state and local races as well as progressive propositions that won and failed.

Then, Denise from California and I discuss Steven Miller, the school shooting in Santa Clarita and then the tragic case of Rodney Reed.  Reed has been on a Texas death row for decades for murder. The case has racial overtones and got the nation asking the state to free Rodney Reed.  

Reed was supposed to be executed yesterday but over the weekend an indefinite stay was granted by the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles.  On today’s blog we will focus squarely on racism and hate in America in 2019.  We have spent a lot of time, even this season, discussing discrimination and racism.  And we will continue discussing it.

You cannot talk about the evil that caused two young people and the killer to lose they lives in Saugus High in Santa Clarita without discussing the most famous school shooting in Columbine, Colorado.  

As mentioned in the podcast, there is a book by David Cullen called Columbine.   In it, Cullen takes apart the myths surrounding the school shooters. He uncovers startling facts about the school shooters that, for some reason, has not made it into the mainstream.   

Listeners should know we are going to cover the post debate on Monday, after all the talking heads over the weekend have their say.  We we enjoy talking about what the commentators over the weekend have to say as much as the debate itself.

Listen here:

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S3E40: The mayor pete debates and medicare for all flip

On Monday’s podcast we discuss the impeachment hearings and what to expect from the 2020 debate airing on MSNBC today.  The debate will be held in Atlanta and will debut for the nation the brand new Tyler Perry Studios.

Mayor Pete Pete Buttigieg is surging.  Reports are that he is at the top of the polls in Iowa and has now surged ahead 10 points in New Hampshire.  Both Iowa and New Hampshire are the first and second primary states. 

But the polls still look good for Biden in South Carolina.   Once again, African Americans are a factor in the democratic race.   If Biden loses support amongst blacks in South Carolina his run for president could be over.   Meanwhile, reports are California democrat Kamala Harris’ campaign is in trouble.   Some in California believe the senator should close up shop.  

So, tonight’s debate will be interesting.  In addition to Biden, Pete Buttigieg and Harris is Senator Elizabeth Warren. She is sure to come under attack for so called flip flopping on her commitment to Medicare for all.  I would expect Sanders to take a moment to further distance himself from Warren on this account.

Just a note: Fl. Mayor Wayne Messam, one of the 20+ candidates running in the 2020 democratic campaign for president, has suspended his campaign earlier today.   

Take a listen to Monday’s show for all of this and our medicare for all discussion:

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S18E39A: Deval Patrick makes it official! Is anyone watching the impeachmentS?

On the blog, we discuss the news of Deval Patrick running for president in 2020.  Deval Patrick was asked if he would join the race earlier this year and decided not to.  Now, out of nowhere, after four debates, he has decided it is the right thing to do.

This is in contrast to Mike Bloomberg who has filed in Arkansas and Alabama, but has not officially declared he is in.

This appears to me to be coming from forces within the democratic establishment that are concerned about two candidates who want to take on the wealthy, 1% and one candidate who appears to be slipping in the polls.

Meanwhile today is the second day of impeachment hearings, and North Korea is not happy with Donald Trump!

We will resume our podcast after the November 20 debate!

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S18E39: New 2020 democratic candidates? What trump knew & when he knew it!

On last week’s podcast we brought listeners up to date on all the important news of the week. From Donald Trump’s impeachment, to the resignation of Congresswoman Katie Hill to the democratic 2020 candidates.

On today’s  blog we provide an update on what’s been going on since the last podcast.  This includes reports Mike Bloomberg and former governor Deval Patrick’s rumored decision to running as 2020 candidates.

I also discuss the 2020 candidates on the republican side with reporting today about one candidate who is dropping out. And finally I provide an update on what I call the theocratic court.

I speculate many of the 2020 candidates already running are not going to last much longer.  The field is getting thinner and, as discussed below, many are running out of money to remain competitive.


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S18E38: Election day matters

On Tuesday’s program we discussed the California fires and what to look for on Tuesday’s election.   A number of ballot initiatives were up, the governor’s races in Mississippi and Kentucky and the balance of power in the Virginia senate were closely watched races.

In the podcast, we discussed the significance of each.  You can listen below, but I also want to remind you to listen and download this podcast on your phone.  Simply search for The World As I Like It To Be Podcast in Apple iTunes store.  Don’t forget to subscribe so you can get the newest episodes as soon as they come out.

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S18E37: The religious right and politics

On Monday’s podcast, I mentioned a couple of things that progressives and people watching politics should be aware of.  In the past I saw what was happening with Mitch McConnell and his obsession with filling the courts with conservative judges as an attempt to simply roll back all the legislation from the civil rights era. 

To be clear, absolutely nothing is going on in the senate today. Hundreds of pieces of legislation from the House of Representatives are being ignored. All that is being done are votes in the judiciary and votes in the senate on judges.

But two things (actually three) made me rethink this issue.  One was watching the Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country and The Family (which I recommend everyone watch).  Two was the appointment of Paula White to the Trump administration.  And three was the behavior of senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz.

As I said in the podcast, I am now convinced what we are seeing and what we will see in the future, is an all-out assault on the separation of church and state.  This attack, breaking down the barrier between Christian theology and US legislation,will be the first steps to what I believe will be a Christian theocracy in the United States.

Listen here:

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