S4EP1 and 2: Impeachment, the race for 2020 and Climate change

It’s season four of The World As I Like It To Be podcast and we are hard at work bringing the news of the  day.  Eric has also been using twitter a lot more (you may have noticed) so expect even more “breaking new” to appear on his feed @ericdsmall and perhaps on the @vtipent twitter feed.

This blog will remain a reference point to the podcast. Here we can delve deeper into the subjects discussed in the podcast and even update you on stories we may have discussed only a day or week ago.

On yesterday’s episode, we discussed the case against Donald J Trump.  One of the president’s henchmen, Lev Parnas, was interviewed on Rachel Maddow‘s show. He laid out a remarkable case of how he was fooled by the president, how his supporters are in a cult and that the real source of his power is William Barr.

Then Denise from California (@denisefromcalif) and I discussed the tension between the Warren campaign and the Sanders campaign.   Both appeared to lock arm during an MLK Day parade in what looked like a photo op. 

But there are signs the war with Sanders is only beginning.  Is there a visceral hatred for Bernie or is the Vermont senator simply getting the front runner treatment as did Elizabeth Warren  and Joe  Biden?

Finally in episode two, we discuss climate change.  The president, at Davos, says there’s nothing to worry about, even as extreme weather is destroying the world.   We have a lot to say about climate, how it is hurting California and its homeless and what legislature is going to do about it.

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Episode Two
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