A Quick Note: The New Numbering

Just a quick note about the podcast number system.

Beginning this week, in the description field of the podcast episodes, we will be displaying the episode number based on the TOTAL number of episodes.

For example, future podcast episode titles will look like this:

EP115: The Best Podcast you will ever hear

where “EP115” represents the one hundred and fifteenth episode of the series.

Listeners may note that we used to put season and episode number in the title like this:

S4E115: The Best Podcast you will ever hear

We stopped doing that because Apple Podcast told us to or, more accurately, suggested it was unnecessary since the podcast feed hasĀ  it’s own season and episode numbering.

But clearly Apple Podcast is not the only place you can listen to our podcast.

We urge listeners to visit V-TIP.COM/-63 as the primary source for The World As I Like It To Be podcast.

And in the future V-TIP.COM will have its own app for easy listening as well.

In both these cases the season, episode numbering system Apple requires will not work, hence a number system based on the entire series.

Hope that makes sense.

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