are republicans winning in the house?

On today’s show we discuss the winning strategies Republicans are using against Democrats in the House.  Even tho the GOP is in the minority, they are using an “arcane” house rule called a motion to recomitt to slow down the legislative process and for another “bite at the apple” on legislation.

In a less formal sense, it gives Republicans a chance to force new and vulnerable Democrats in red and purple districts, to take tough votes.  Some of those votes may be too radical for the constituency of their districts.

This would give a Republican challenger a chance to paint the Democrat as left wing and out of touch.  Surprisingly the maneuver has been so effective, it is reported that Pelosi may get rid of the rule.

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Politically, it shows a lack of communication within Democratic leadership that new members feel frustrated which way to vote.

Alexandra Ocasio Cortez has helped to clarify things threatening to expose House members who vote like Republicans.

Also in the news today, Congress is planning to vote on a resolution condemning anti-antisemitism aimed directly at Ilhan Omar the Minnesota Democrat who came under attack by New York Democrats for tweets she made.

AOC is once again making her voice known, chastising those Democrats who have been taking Omar to task.

Finally, we end, beginning a discussion on healthcare. Is medicare for more better than medicare for all?

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