Episode Fourteen: Solutions in Training and policing w/ det small

In this episode I conclude my conversation with Detective Small a veteran of the NYC Police Department’s Human Relations Unit. We discuss solutions in training for the department  and policing the community.

I ask Detective Small to paint a picture of how the New York City Police Department would look if it wanted to improve itself, the quality of policing and its relationship with the public.

The answers were surprising.

No collusion

In his view, collusion is the most dangerous part of any organization, including the police department.

As an example, Detective Small recounts a conversation with a deputy inspector who wanted to know if there was a recording of officers who failed his training.

The answer to this, and how many cops fail at the shooting range is surprising.

How to make it right

We end with a blueprint on how to fix the department.

In addition to taking on collusion, Detective Small believes any program created would need to be affirmative,  accurate and acceptable.

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As an instructor in the human relations unit of the New York City Police Department, Detective Small has trained everyone from patrolmen to captains to department heads.

These very honest and personal views are his own and not those of VTIP Entertainment or New York City Police Department.