Episode Eighteen: Midterms shaping up

In this episode we continue our discussion about the run up to the midterms with Denise from California.

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But before we begin,  a friendly reminder.

Today is primary day in four states, so do not forget to go out and vote!

From Democracy Now:

It’s primary day in Connecticut, Minnesota, Vermont and Wisconsin. In Vermont, Christine Hallquist is attempting to make history by becoming the first transgender major party gubernatorial nominee in U.S. history. She is running in the Democratic primary. In Minnesota there are several closely-watched primary races, including one for Al Franken’s old Senate seat. Senator Tina Smith—who was appointed to fill Franken’s seat—is running in the Democratic primary against Richard Painter, a former White House ethics lawyer under President George W. Bush.

The fall out from last week continues


Primary elections were held last week Tuesday and the spotlight is still on Democrats even one week later.

Some very tight elections like Kansas governor and Ohio’s  12th district are still too close to call!

In Ohio, the Democrat O’Conner is behind the Republican Balderson by 1800 votes, less than 1%.

O’Conneris remaining coy about whether he will ask for a recount after the official totals are announced.

It’s important to note, this was only a special election. The winner of Ohio’s 12th will remain in the seat for only a few months before the November election where he will have to fight to remain in the chair.

Meanwhile Sarah Smith officially won her primary in Washington State.  No Republicans will be on the ballot for this district so a Democrat is assured.

Justice Dems do well


Denise reminds our audience justice democrats did very well in last Tuesday’s election despite news reports to the contrary.

This video from secular talk



Alexandria brings the heat on CNN


We also briefly discuss the now famous CNN video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Chris Como’s show debating some of the basic tenants of the progressive movement.

Here is the video in its entirety:


We also contrasted that with an interview between Bernie Sanders and Chris Como  over healthcare.

Can you tell the difference?

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