Episode Five: Part Three Racism w Det. Small

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Push Back from Leadership

In this continuing conversation, Detective Small talks to me about the initial pushback from leadership and the PBA his unit received and how his team overcame it.


Caption from the blog My Student Voices – Made by Kathryn Poe using Adobe Spark


And finally, we talk about how the misspelling of an order caused the department to finally begin diversity training within the NYPD and how black officers struggled to get jobs in various units within the New York City Police Department.

The power of an illusion


For those who want to know more about racism and the origins of race, take a look at this three part series called Race the Power of An Illusion sponsored by the Ford Foundation.

As an instructor in the human relations unit of the New York City Police Department, Small has trained everyone from patrolmen to captains to department heads.

These very honest and personal views are his own and not those of VTIP Entertainment or New York City Police Department.

If you haven’t already you can listen to part one here.


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