Justice Kennedy

Episode One – Premiere

In this, the premiere episode of The World As I Like It To Be, we discuss the mid term elections in California with Denise from California.

Is there a blue wave coming and will it continue through California?

The state changed its midterm election system into a so called “jungle primary” which, allows voters to pick whatever candidate they want regardless of party.  The top two duke it out in the general election in November.

NPR gives a great deal of information on the origins of the jungle primary, but for a summary check out this audio from NPR:

In a blue state like California Democrats hoped to box out the Republicans in four red districts like the one vacated by Daryl Issa.

But leading up to the election Democrats became worried that so many candidates would possibly split the vote.

Fortunately for Democrats that did not happen.

Also in this episode we discuss Masterpiece v Colorado.  The Supreme Court voted 7-2 to side with the plaintiff in the case.  Denise has been following Masterpiece, but I have not.

Here is Amy Howe of SCOTUSblog’s review of the case.  In addition the ACLU frames this as a victory of the first amendment.

All of this and more on today’s show.

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