Episode Seven: consciousness with Det Small

This is part five of my continuing conversation with Detective Darnley Small, a veteran of the NYC Police Department’s human relations unit.

In this final interview we discuss levels of consciousness, things whites can do to combat racism, and describe the three types of racists and how they are similar to alcoholics.

Strategies for confronting racism

We end with the importance of being strategic when confronting any “ism” and learn about the “one minute manager” who really trains police officers when they come out of the academy.

In the media recently there have been several examples of images and sounds the can be only hear by certain groups such as the blue/black white/gold dress controversy and the  laurel/yanny audio controversy.

But before either of those there was the old woman/young woman test.

The image is designed to help make groups aware of how we each hear and see things differently.

Levels of perception.

Look at the picture below and see if you see an old woman or a young woman.


The young woman old woman


Detective Small’s  very honest and personal views are his own and not those of VTIP Entertainment or New York City Police Department.

Series archive: https://v-tip.com/-63

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