Episode thirteen: Police Commissioners w Det Small

In this episode Detective Small gives his views on some of the high-profile police commissioners NYC police department has ever had.

The police commissioner is hired by the mayor and becomes the face of the department.  He becomes its message, its spokesperson and it policy maker.   He becomes the focus of praise and target of scorn by the community.

Another key thing to remember, as discussed in previous episodes, the true trainers of any police force is their immediate supervisor.

Since the police commissioner is head of the department, he is also the top “instructor” for the department.

According to Detective Small, Commissioners like Bratton and Ward had “understanding” and knew the job like few others.

We learn about what they knew and how they helped make the department better.

To patrol or not to patrol?

One of the major failings of the department, according to Det. Small, was  its promotion procedure.

The beat cop or patrol men know more about his neighborhood/patrol than anyone.

So during promotions, why do they remove this valuable asset from the neighborhood?

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As an instructor in the human relations unit of the New York City Police Department, Detective Small has trained everyone from patrolmen to captains to department heads.

These very honest and personal views are his own and not those of VTIP Entertainment or New York City Police Department.