Episode Twelve: Racial Disparity with Det. Small

In today’s episode I continue my conversation with Detective Darnley Small, a retired trainer for the NYC police department’s human relations unit.

We begin with discussing some of the enduring issues within the police department such as the racial disparity within the justice system.  

Detective Small recounts his time as a cop working in predominantly black communities and times when he worked in predominantly white communities.

Everything from arrest, to charges, to pleas to punishment is different for whites as it is for blacks.  Many call the better treatment  for whites, white privilege.

We get an insider look at the advantages whites have over blacks from the moment of arrest to prosecution.

We continue by discussing the broken sentencing system and briefly reference the famous case of Kalief Browder who was placed in solitary confinement on Riker’s Island for 3 years while waiting for trial.



Finally we remind listeners who the real trainers in the police department are and the insidious role collusion plays in destroying the relationship between the police and the community.

Detective Small has very honest and personal views.  They are his own and do not reflect the views of  VTIP Entertainment or New York City Police Department.

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