Episode Two

Is Donald Trump a racist?

In this episode I finish my conversation with Denise and try to answer the question – is Donald Trump a racist.

For me this is a tough question to answer properly.  POTUS recently commuted the sentence of Alice Johnson and pardoned Jack Johnson.

Rochelle Riely of the Detroit Free Press believes Trump is wooing black voters with these moves and says (in part):

As the Democratic Party remains in the coma it entered in November 2016, President Trump is performing his greatest magic trick.

And he’s doing it right under their noses.

Anyone who thinks Trump’s decision to pardon boxer Jack Johnson and commute Alice Marie Johnson’s unfair sentence wasn’t part of a greater plan is delusional.

But why does a racist need to woo black voters?  What does he care if blacks vote for him?

Kim Kardashian West Given enough credit?

There is a tendency to see Donald Trump in a certain way and the same goes with Kim K.  This was a strategic move on her part and took a lot of luck, guts and bravery to meet with a man that I am sure she has little in common with.

The picture of she and The President looks as if she were in a hostage video.  It also reminds me when Bill Clinton met with Kim Jung Il and the two men dare not look as if they like each other.

The leaders meet as a way to rescue reporters captured by the North, a decade after his presidency

What to make of this savvy business woman.  All this and more on today’s show.