Medicare for more reparations and cohen

Medicare for more and what about reparations?

On today’ episode Denise from California and I continue our discussion on healthcare.  There are many, many different proposals being floated by democrats to deal with the problem of healthcare in America.  At the top of the list is Bernie Sander’s Medicare for All proposal.

While in the minority, Democrats were all in on a single payer plan like Medicare for all.  But recent reports seem to indicate leading democrats do not support the plan

What appears to be gaining traction is a medicare for more plan which would be an amalgam of different popular plans.  One program being pushed by a liberal progressive senator Sherrod Brown is Medicare 55/65.

What is going on in the senate is what the senate was made for.  Vigorous debate.

This is why Jefferson, according to legend, called it the “cooling saucer” of our democracy.

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Update on 2020 Candidates

We then delve into the race for president in 2020.  Eric Holder has decided not to get in the race while John Hickenlooper and Gov. Jay Inslee has.

When we talk about “lanes”, we are basically associating a candidate with popular concept or idea or proposal many believe important to the country or the party.

The notion of a “moderate” democrat or a politician who can work with both side – is one lane clearly espoused by people like Howard Schultz and Amy Klobuchar.  

It appears the former guvnor of Colorado John Hickenlooper is going to be running in that lane as well.

Jay Inslee is going to make the environment his lane as discussed on The View.

I mention AOC’s fight with the NY Post.  The newspaper claimed (like many right wingers) that she was being hypocritical for pushing a green new deal while still using cars and flying in planes.

She mocked the paper saying:

“Pack it up folks, the Pulitzer’s been decided.” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted Sunday morning alongside a picture of the Post’s front page. “No one can rival this kind of hard-hitting journalism.”


For Bernie Sanders who just held a rally Saturday, many believe Bernie Sanders still has a problem with African Americans like Bakari Sellers of CNN and Zerlina Maxwelll of MSNBC.

But Cenk Uyger of TyT has a rebuttal

Meanwhile a hot button issue that may hurt Bernie with African Americans is reparations

Some how this debate has entered the conversation on the democratic side and even the black candidates like Booker and Harris do not have a good answer for it. 

But a white female no one is talking about, Marianne Williamson, has in my view the most complete and articulate answer with a plan.

For those who do not know what reparations is, here is a link to Ta-Nehisi Coates’ essay on reparations

Michael Cohen testimony

We end with a quick view of the Michael Cohen testimony last week. There has been more polling done since this Hill TV poll, but things have only gotten better for Michael Cohen and worse for the president.

We discuss the spectacle if using a black woman as a prop for Donald Trump, surprising views on Trump being accused of sexual assault by a former member of the campaign and our views on Jussie Smollett.

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