Mueller Report: the fallout – what about 2020?

On today’s show we continue discussing the fallout of the Mueller report.

What does it mean for 2020?

Joe Biden, who appears to have waited for the Mueller Report to be released, announced his campaign for president today.

Will that be the catalyst Congressional Republicans need to defy Trump?

On today’s show we discuss the report and the 2020 democratic candidates with Denise from California.

On the show I mentioned a fivethirtyeight article on the partisan lean for the senators up for election in 2020.

And it does not look good for Democrats.

The Republicans are still standing by Trump through all the obstruction as outlined in the Mueller report.

In addition, the president and his cabinet continue a willful disobedience of Congress.

Today, Steven Miller refused to testify before the oversight committee.

Surprisingly, however, according to a new report in The Hill, Republican governors are the most popular nationwide.

“…the 10 least popular governors were predominantly Democrats, although the popularity/unpopularity split was far less dramatic. “

“The most popular governors are all Republicans, with the top two slots occupied by the governors of traditionally Democratic states: Charlie Baker of Massachusetts and Larry Hogan of Maryland. Baker and Hogan have both been the subject of speculation about a primary challenge to President Trump and have regularly criticized the president.”

One wonders if Trump’s behavior begins to effect the popularity of Republicans, if statewide officials decide to dump Trump as they did in Iowa.

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