S2 Ep3: Murders and bombs. What to make of it all?

Welcome to season two of The World As I Like It To Be.

This is the first blog of the second season and we are on our third episode (can you believe it??).

But these special episode are our midterm 2018 election coverage.

I am once again joined by good friend and justice Democrat Denise from California.

While I normally look to keep the news of the day out of this coverage, but I could not help but start off this episode with several tragic stories from last week.



Fifteen bombs were allegedly put through the US postal service by a Trump fan Cesar Sayoc.

The list of bomb recipients is like a who’s who of democratic politics  and include:

CNN/ John Brennan

Hillary Clinton

Barack and Michelle Obama

Maxine Waters x2

Debbie Wasserman Schultz / Eric Holder

Robert De Niro

Joe Biden

Cory Booker

James Clapper

Kamala Harris

Tom Steyer

…and more.

Reports are Sayoc who lived in a cargo van with decals featuring targets on prominent Dems, planned to send bombs to over 100 potential targets.

Due, perhaps to the wall to wall coverage of the bombs, many in the national media failed to pick up the story of a man who murdered African Americans in cold blood at a Kentucky Kroger supermarket during the same week.


The murders are being investigated as hate crimes.

Reports are the man,  Gregory Bush, 51, of Louisville, tried to enter a predominately black church just before the killings.

Over the weekend in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The Tree Of Life Temple was invaded by a man who reportedly yelled all jews must die before opening fire.

The shooter, Robert Bowers, allegedly killed 11 petitioners and injured 6 including police before being shot in the leg and taken into custody.

Domestic terror and extremism is on the rise.

But first, we begin today’s episode with a Turning Point USA ‘s African American Republican leadership meeting at the White House with President Donald Trump and Republican conservative  Candice Owens.

The spectacle drew national attention due to Donald Trump’s behavior and that of the audience.

In addition, Kanye West, the prominent rapper and designer, was part of the proceedings in name only,

The rapper is a vocal Trump supporter and was said to be behind a movement to move blacks away from the Democratic party.

To this end, the designer was said to have designed apparel calling for such a change naming it “blexit” after the notorious “Brexit” movement so successful in Britain.

However, yesterday, West distanced himself from the movement tweeting:


“My eyes are now wide open and now realize I’ve been used to spread messages I don’t believe in,” the musician tweeted Tuesday afternoon. “I am distancing myself from politics and completely focusing on being creative !!!”


He would later state he had no affiliation with Blexit.

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