Episode Three: interview police officer Darnley Small

Series webpage: https://v-tip.com/-63

One on one with Police Officer Darnley Small

This interview is a real treat for me and is especially nice for father’s day.

In this multi-part series I will be talking to police officer Darnley Small about his life as a trainer for the New York City Police Department.

Police officer Small retired as a detective and instructor in the human relations unit.  This unit’s job was to provide the tools and techniques for helping police deal with crisis intervention.

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Episode One – Premiere

In this, the premiere episode of The World As I Like It To Be, we discuss the mid term elections in California with Denise from California.

Is there a blue wave coming and will it continue through California?

The state changed its midterm election system into a so called “jungle primary” which, allows voters to pick whatever candidate they want regardless of party.  The top two duke it out in the general election in November.

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