Episode Eight – police and race

CNN reports almost a majority of Americans, 49%,  believe the President of the United States is a racist. In this episode of The World As I Like It To Be I return to the topic of police and race with Detective Darnley Small.

Detective Small, retired, worked in the human relations unit of the NYPD.

Police being called on neighbors a sign of racism?

We discuss the continuing controversy between law enforcement and the public.

In April we saw a barista call the police on two men sitting in a Starbucks, in May a Yale University Student had the cops called on her by a fellow student for sleeping in a campus library and just last week a young man with a lawn mowing business had the cops called on him for mowing the wrong person’s lawn.

In each case the callers were white and the targets were black.

Is this an example of racism and how should the public and more importantly, the police react in each of these instances?

Are cops equipped to handle the problems of today?

Police officers are being asked to intervene more and more in situations they are not equip to handle.

Is this because of a further breakdown in our society?

Are cops being vilified for societal problems they have no control over?  I’ll ask.

Stop and Frisk misunderstood?


Finally, we begin a discussion on the controversial program the NYC police department ended a few years ago called stop and frisk.

It seemed to target black and Latino citizens exclusively.

So why did Detective Small call it a “good program”.

These very honest and personal views are his own and not those of VTIP Entertainment or New York City Police Department.

Listen now.

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