S2E10 – Healthy Diet, Healthy Life

How do you learn to eat healthy?

How do you go from drinking milk, eating beef and pork to drinking nut milk and eating just vegetables and whole grains?

Today is the final episode of our series on health and wellness with Meena, a certified yoga and Pilates instructor in New York city.

I have known Meena for only a few years, but have always admired her commitment to healthy eating.

In this episode I learn about the slow and painful process Meena went through to begin her life of eating healthy.

She attributes her diet to the reason why Meena was able to get rid of all medication for allergies she had when she was in her twenties.

I am also intrigued to learn how, as an African American woman, she has been able to avoid taking meds for high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.

During the interview I mention the Netflix docu series Food Inc.

Check out the trailer here:

PBS continued talking with filmmaker Robert Kenner about food for this segment on Now.

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