S2E16: The 2020 candidates and GOP hates democracy

In today’s episode we finish our conversation on Elizabeth Warren and move directly into other prominent and not so prominent 2020 candidates on the Democratic side.

The reports on some of the candidates leads me to believe the battle on the left is going to be over Wall Street and money. Listen here:

Kirsten Gillibrand

The New York senator was appointed to fill the seat of then Senator Hillary Clinton who went on to become Secretary Of State in 09. She was later elected by the voters in 2010 and then again in 2012.

Stories are just now being written about the junior senator’s strengths and weaknesses. As I discuss in the show, a report on Friday by CNBC states she is looking to Wall Street for fundraising.

Corey Booker

An old Daily Beast article from 2014  paints a troubling picture of the affable New Jersey senator. When he was mayor of Newark, the city’s murder and crime rate went up and to make matters worse, members of Booker’s administration were accused of corruption.

But again, its money. Wall Street money, that keeps dogging Booker on the left. And his decision to help kill a bill that would lower prescription drugs, might kill his chances at President.

Kamala Harris

I know very little about the California senator and former golden state Attorney General. She has kept her head down, for the most part, while in the senate. Harris stood firm against the appointment of Jeff Sessions and Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court,

But her connection to an aide who was accused of sexual misconduct as well as her time as AG in California is sure to bring scrutiny and reports.

In addition, there are reports she is also going to Wall Street looking for campaign money.

Tom Steyer

The billionaire appears to be on the cusp of announcing plans to run as early as today in Iowa. But he is a one issue candidate, the impeachment of Donald Trump.

If history tells us anything, the electorate hates one issue candidates.

Given Steyer’s wealth he may not have to go to Wall Street for money, but it’s unlikely he has the same view of money in politics as say, Warren or Bernie Sanders.

GOP Hates Democracy – Gerrymander Edition

We debut a new segment called The GOP Hates Democracy and begin with the wide ranging effects of gerrymandering.

To start we discuss Gill v. Whitford the Supreme Court case that gave us the terms “packing” and “cracking”.

The Court left open the chance that states could gerrymander under certain circumstances which has led to a string of challenges on both the right and the left.

The Supreme Court agreed to jump back into the issue once again earlier this week.

We today’s show we discuss the significance of Gill and Anthony Kennedy’s absence in this episode.