S2E18 – Roger stone, the trump shutdown and more

In today’s episode we discuss Roger Stone, the Trump shut down and where we go from here.

The President, over the weekend was handed a stinging defeat by not only Nancy Pelosi and the democrats, but as Sam Seder reminds us, the air traffic controllers and stewardess union.

If that was not bad enough, Roger Stone has been indicted by the special council, Robert Muller.  Stone would be the first person known to have direct contact with the campaign and Wikileaks who disseminated the ill gotten emails.

The charges include lying to prosecutors, the government and intimidating a witness. Surprisingly, conspiracy (the charge against a person who colluded with a foreign power), was not one of the charges.

Then we discuss the shutdown and the price the American people are paying.

In a remarkable display on the senate floor last week, moderate democratic senator from Colorado Michael Bennet unloads on Ted Cruz and the president.