S2E21: Our review Tulsi Gabbard and pete Buttigieg for 2020

The field for 2020 on the democratic side is beginning to take shape.  Over the weekend Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts  and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota made it official.

On today’s show, and all this week, we will be talking about the biggest names to enter the race for the Presidency in 2020 like TULSI GABBARD AND PETE BUTTIGIEG .  

But we begin with last week’s State of the Union address. Surprisingly, there was no talk of the looming threat of global warming or solutions to the real everyday threat of gun violence or our broken healthcare system  

I note: the best thing Barack Obama did with the Affordable Care Act, was create a “floor” for democrats to fight from, even as Republicans fight back on a state level.

Then we discuss two of the most interesting candidates.  One a veteran of the Iraq war and the other a veteran of the war in Afghanistan.

First is Tulsi Gabbard, who has had a rough time out the gate. 

The Iraqi veteran had a bruising interview on Morning Joe where she appeared to support Bashar Al Assad.

The a report yesterday came out that she cancelled an Ohio event featuring Asian and Latinos interest groups.

During her broader event in Iowa today she talked foreign policy and seemed to back track on her opinion about the Syrian leader saying Assad was a brutal dictator but reiterated her belief that America not be the world’s police.

She also made news in that she does not support AOC and Ed Markey’s Green New Deal.

Meanwhile Pete Buttigieg has been doing the rounds as well.  He stopped by CNN last week and will appear on the Late Show this week Thursday the 14th.

The New Yorker calls his run a “silent rebellion”.    

But I have doubts about his chances given LGBTQ groups have not come out in support.

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