S2E22: Our review warren and Klobuchar for 2020

On today’s show, Denise from California and I continue talking about the 2020 candidates and we revisit ELIZABETH WARREN and discuss AMY KLOBISHAR.

When it comes to Warren, Denise and I both seem to agree she is the favored from both of us.

I believe she is prone to gaffs and I think the President smells blood in the water when it comes to her.

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His continued attacks on the senator from Massachusetts seems to indicate he is either fearful of her or sees her as the most vulnerable.

And the fact that the native American issue has not been put to rest is also complicating things.

Native Americans are still calling Warren out for her behavior as recent as this weekend.

As for Amy Klobuchar, if the senator from Minnesota hoped to launch her campaign quietly, she failed.

Recent reports indicate she is abusive to her staff. So much so she was rebuked by AFSCME president saying:

“In short, Amy Klobuchar is exactly the kind of candidate that AFSCME should oppose,”

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