S2E23: Our review cory booker for 2020 and freshmen democrats a problem??

On today’s show we do a deep dive on Cory Booker, the senator from New Jersey running for President in 2020, and disturbing new news pertaining to the House Democrats. 

But there is a ton of news to get through today and we begin with breaking new development on the boarder wall. 

President Trump has done what many call unthinkable.  Through executive action, Trump plans to divert funds from the treasury department and homeland security to build his wall on the southern border.  

This would give the commander in chief 8 billion for 234 miles of wall.

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Dems have vowed to fight the President. 

Jerry Nadler of New York floated using a rarely used provision in the national emergencies act as a way to stop him.    The act…

“ …allowed Congress to terminate a presidential emergency by simple majority vote.”

Meanwhile, Bill Weld, the former governor from Massachusetts, has become the only Republican to explore running in 2020 on the GOP side against Trump.

A court has allowed House Democrats to defend Obamacare from state governor attacks.

Speaking of the House, new reports indicate trouble with Nancy Pelosi and her legendary leadership skills in keeping her caucus unified.  

As I mention in the podcast Politico reports she is having issues with the new democrats and unforced errors.  

Case in point: Ilhan Omar’s tweet heard round the world

The tweet, roundly criticized as anti Semitic,  is exposing a split between Democrats and Jewish organizations like AIPAC. 

Although the junior congresswoman apologized, recent reports seem to indicate younger democrats are willing to be critical over the state of Israel and its policies (although some dispute that).

We discuss all this and more on today’s show. 

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