S2E6: 2018 Midterms Election Finale

Denise from California calls in to go over the results of the 2018 midterms election.

This extended episode was recorded last night, but news keeps breaking on these races every day.

As we all know by now, democrats did not have quite the blue wave hoped for, but did well none the less.

The party took back the House and made major gains in the governor’s races nationwide.

You can follow along with us as we go over the results  by going to NY Times results page:

Senate is here.

Governor’s races are here.

House races are here.

Meanwhile Vox reminds us the world was watching this election and the results of the governorship  means an expansion of medicaid in red states that previously refused it.

I go on a minor rant about the changes a state supreme court can have over a race by merely voting to change gerrymandered maps.

The new, some might call, fairer maps stripped Republicans of their power.

Republicans, incensed,  went so far as to try and over turn the ruling by appealing to US Supreme Court but were rebuffed.

Which left the party of Trump no other choice by to try and impeach the entire Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

When that failed they tried to change the state constitution:

…Republicans … plan that could limit the lifespan of the court’s Democratic majority: changing the state’s constitution to elect appellate court judges in districts, rather than in statewide elections.

Because the bill seeks to amend the constitution, it requires passage twice in both the House and Senate before it can go before voters in a statewide referendum. That could happen as early as next year if the Republican-controlled House goes along. It does not require approval from the governor to get on the ballot.

In other news, one new House member is Lucy McBath.  Her son was murdered so she became a gun control advocate.

Unfortunately, in Kentucky, I note Amy McGrath’s lost her attempt to turn a red district blue.  McGrath is a rising star in Democratic politics.

What’s next for her?  The Lexington Herald Leader asked.

Finally,  Denise loves what Matt Dowd had to say on The View:


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