S2E7 – Health and healing with yoga

The elections got you down?  Are you frustrated that your candidate didn’t win?  Are you stressed about the recount?

Relax!  Relieve your stress and focus on a return to health and happiness with yoga.

That’s right folks, we are stepping away from political talk and talking to Meena, a NYC certified yoga instructor, who just happens to be my cousin.

As someone who has been a carnivore all his life, I am always impressed with people who have given up beef and chicken and become a vegetarian.

I am even more impressed with I find an African American who can do this as well.

I am eager to know how giving up meat and even dairy has impacted her life and health.

For additional information on her, you can visit Meena’s site here:


if you are interested in yoga for weight loss Meena recommends: 

1) Yoga Journal’s Yoga For Weight Loss 2012

2) Yoga For Weight Loss by Dr. Andrew Williams & Sarah Williams

3) Yoga For Weight Loss For Beginners – A Step by Step Guide To  90 Slimming Yoga Poses by Nika Karan.

4) Yoga For Beginner & Weight Loss: Workout Poses- Kids, Seniors, Men, Women & Clothing Journal Book by Steffan Fox

For all things yoga and to understand it better,  try these:

1) The New Yoga For People Over 50- A Comprehensive Guide For Midlife & OIder Beginners by Suza Francina

2) Yoga Bodies – Real People, Real Stories & the Power of Transformation by Laura Lipton


3) Yoga Journal Magazine (monthly publication)

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