Steven Miller Racism

S3E41: What Saugus High, Syracuse University, Steven Miller and Rodney Reed have in common?

On Tuesday’s show we discussed CA 25 and the Young Turks’s Cenk Uyger’s entrée in the race, the state and local races as well as progressive propositions that won and failed.

Then, Denise from California and I discuss Steven Miller, the school shooting in Santa Clarita and then the tragic case of Rodney Reed.  Reed has been on a Texas death row for decades for murder. The case has racial overtones and got the nation asking the state to free Rodney Reed.  

Reed was supposed to be executed yesterday but over the weekend an indefinite stay was granted by the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles.  On today’s blog we will focus squarely on racism and hate in America in 2019.  We have spent a lot of time, even this season, discussing discrimination and racism.  And we will continue discussing it.

You cannot talk about the evil that caused two young people and the killer to lose they lives in Saugus High in Santa Clarita without discussing the most famous school shooting in Columbine, Colorado.  

As mentioned in the podcast, there is a book by David Cullen called Columbine.   In it, Cullen takes apart the myths surrounding the school shooters. He uncovers startling facts about the school shooters that, for some reason, has not made it into the mainstream.   

Listeners should know we are going to cover the post debate on Monday, after all the talking heads over the weekend have their say.  We we enjoy talking about what the commentators over the weekend have to say as much as the debate itself.

Listen here:


In the podcast, we discuss the killings in Santa Clarita, California and I mention the story of what really happened in Columbine High School in 1999.  In an in-depth award-winning book written by Dave Cullen he takes apart the narrative partially created by the media within days or weeks of the shooting. The killers were bullied, we were told.  They targeted the jocks who tormented them, we were told.  They were inspired by the most popular movie of the time, The Matrix, we were told.  

Cullen spent years researching the school, the students and the young men at the center of the mass killing and what he found was a completely different story.

Video here and here:

Racism and hate at Syracuse University  

So, the killings in Columbine were about a psychopath and a depressed kid.  Both had a lot of hate and rage and decided to act out by committing an act of mass murder. Those killers, like the killer in Saugus High, decided whatever was eating them personally, needed to be unleashed on the people around them. 

I call it pure evil.

But some evil spilled out on society is more subtle, but equally insidious and intolerable.  At Syracuse University, all social activities at fraternities were suspended for the rest of the semester.  This was the result of a number of incidents which culminated with an African American student accosted with racial slurs last Saturday night.

In addition, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic graffiti as well as a white nationalist manifesto, was circulated on line targeting Syracuse students.  This caused an uproar on campus and statewide.  The governor went after the chancellor saying he did not act swiftly enough and that the university needed to hire an independent investigator to look into the incidents.

Yesterday, four students were suspended by the school and charged with verbally assaulting the black student.

Racism, the four P’s and Steven Miller

Speaking of racism and white supremacy, on the podcast we discuss Steven Miller.  It was discovered, last week, Steven Miller frequented right wing websites and send over 900 emails to the home of white national….er, I mean, the alt-right, Breitbart. 

The New York Times pretty much details what Miller was trying to accomplish and it is damning.  Outrage ensued and calls to have Steven Miller expelled from the Trump administration went out.  But no one really expects the administration to do anything, do they?   

On the podcast I highlight a discussion on Roland Martin’s video web-series Roland Martin Unfiltered.  And it is an exchange between Martin’s guests and Martin himself that I find most interesting:

As has been written on this blog and discussed on the podcast before, the difference between a Steven Miller and a Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam or the New Black Panthers is dictated by the four p’s.  Without the four p’s an ism is powerless and cannot exist for long.

I won’t go into detail in this blog post. Click on the link above and check out the podcast clip and videos on that page for more information.

Why Jeff Session must lose in 2020

It’s important to remember Steven Miller got to the White House because he was an aide to Jeff Sessions the Alabama senator who, tragically, was the nation’s attorney general for a time. 

Sessions is running for his old seat currently occupied by democrat Doug Jones.  It may not be as easy as it has been for Sessions because he famously had a falling out with Donald Trump who remains popular in the state.

But there is a media narrative that I believe is trying to rehabilitate and perhaps even cast Sessions as a hero for standing up to Trump.  But we cannot forget, black voters in Alabama cannot forget,  the senator is and always will be a white nationalist.  And Steven Miller is proof of that.

Rodney Reed execution delayed…for now.

To round out our racism trifecta for 2019, we have to go back to the early 90’s.  In a racist part of Texas, a black man named Rodney Reed is arrested and charged with killing a white woman.   The young teenage woman, had been engaged to be married to her fiancée who also happened to be a cop. 

The fiancée, who is no longer on the police force apparently threatened the dead woman’s life more than once and years after her death, was arrested for assaulting a girlfriend.  

In the podcast, I make a point to feature the Dr Phil show because I believe the show does the best job I have seen in explaining what the case is about and why the stakes are so high.

Here is the two-part episodes in its entirety:

What’s next for Rodney Reed

The execution that would have happened yesterday has been stayed.  The Texas Court of Paroles ordered that the case:

go through a new legal process in the local court where he was convicted.

Will Texas honestly spend more tax payer dollars to once again try and kill this man?  Will Reed take a plea deal? It would seem an Alford plea would be in the offering.  But people who truly believe they are being wronged and are innocent, tend not to accept the plea.

The Plea

By the way, I may have mentioned it on this or on another podcast, but people should watch this very important documentary from Frontline on the plea deal. It covers a normal plea deal and and Alford plea: