S3E46: Judiciary votes to impeach. Labour loses bigly.

On The World As I Like It To Be podcast we complete our pre debate review for Thursday’s debate.  We covered in our last podcast reports Joe Biden may be looking to step down as president after one term.  The former vice president has since pushed back on that. None of this is helpful for his campaign.

Meanwhile Mayor Pete looks the stave off Elizabeth Warren’s attack against him by releasing the names of the businesses he consulted with in his younger years.  The mayor also has agreed to allow the media into fundraising events.

On the debate stage Warren is sure to be standing next to or near the mayor and he has continued to focus incoming fire on the senator.   For her part, Warren has begun hitting both the mayor and former vice president for their connection to wealthy donors.

On our last podcast we discussed the Bernie blackout.   In this episode I believe senator Klobuchar is in a similar condition and so do others.  The Minnesota democrat is rising in the polls and the media appears to be ignoring it.

Emerson College (which Fivethirtyeight gives an A-) has seen her Iowa polling enter double digits for the first time.  And Klobuchar has managed to keep herself in the game to the chagrin of many.

And contrary to what was said on the podcast, the inclusion of Andrew Yang means this debate will not be all white (which is great).

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has made the extraordinary decision to grant Donald Trump a hearing . The president has asked the high court to block Congress from seeing his tax returns.

The stunning outcome of the case will be made known in June, well after the impeachment trial has completed. WIll the Trump supreme court justices protect the president?

Jerry Nadler – after impeachment vote

Dems begin step one of impeachment

Jerrold Nadler with a voice vote this morning made history handing  down articles of impeachment of the president.  This completes step one of the impeachment process.  Step two will be a vote of the full House.

The process that was supposed to conclude last night took a surprising turn near mid night.   The chair of the judiciary committee wisely decided to give members overnight to think on their votes. 

Some saw the move as a clever way to take the air out of future republican attacks that the process was done in secret, at night when no one was watching.

At almost 10 am sharp the vote went down along party lines with 17 nays and 23 yea votes.

Dems on a counter attack

Donald Trump and republicans have been carpet bombing the airwaves with ad critical of impeachment.  The big GOP ad buys have been on Facebook. 

Democrats who have the live impeachment hearings as something akin to free ads, have finally decided to fight back with ads both tv and digital.

From Politico:

The ads will support freshman Democrats in 16 districts — many of them among the most heavily targeted by GOP ads, like Reps. Kendra Horn of Oklahoma, Elissa Slotkin of Michigan and Elaine Luria of Virginia. Democrats are specifically looking to promote a marquee health bill approved this week that would allow the government to directly negotiate drug prices with Medicare for the first time, one of the caucus’ biggest priorities of the year.

Nominee Mike Bloomberg is also throwing his money around, giving 10 million to SuperPAC to support vulnerable democrats.   The amount, however, pales in comparison to the 110 million have gave to vulnerable democrats during last year’s mid term election.

Labour loses big.

With all the talk of votes in the US, in Great Britain the country already had their election.  The Bernie Sanders / Elizabeth Warren like candidate Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour party got destroyed in the election.

Boris Johnson, of the conservative Tories party, has come out triumphant. Some dismissed the prime minister as a political clown and many have compared him to Donald Trump.

Not that long ago the Johnson was being rebuked by members of parliament for his attempts to stave off Brexit. His loses appeared to be an opening for Labour as the Tories seemed defeated and in disarray.

Alas that was not so.

From the AP:

Results Friday confirmed that Johnson’s Conservative Party has won a thumping majority in Britain’s general election. He looks set to take more seats in Parliament than any Conservative leader since Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s.

A majority government gives Johnson the power to fulfill his promise to take Britain out of the European Union next month.

It’s a triumph for a 55-year-old politician who has been written off more than once.

Johnson has built a career playing the rumpled, Latin-spouting clown who doesn’t take himself too seriously. He once said he had as much chance of becoming prime minister as of being “reincarnated as an olive.”

“He doesn’t seem like an ordinary politician,” said Jonathan Hopkin, a political scientist at the London School of Economics. “He has managed to create this aura around himself of being a personality, an eccentric, somebody who is funny and can kind of appeal to people beyond the usual party divides.”

That bumbling exterior masks a steel core of ambition.

What does this mean for democrats in the US?  In a Trump tweet congratulating Johnson the president says:

“I want to congratulate Boris Johnson on a terrific victory. I think that might be a harbinger of what’s to come in our country. It was last time,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office during a meeting with the president of Paraguay.

This is going to be one of several topics for our last podcasts of the decade.

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