Socialism vs Capitalism

The conservative political action conference aka CPAC was held last week.  Some Republicans were horrified by the behavior of the head of the party. 

But for the most part, Republicans were eating up everything Donald Trump was serving.

And the enemy of America has been exposed! Her name is socialism!!!

Vox did a full breakdown of the bizarre antics of the president and on today’s show Denise and I do a breakdown of our own.

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Capitalism has a problem

Capitalism has a lot going for it, but companies like Amazon are not doing right by customers. 

Many believed that Whole Food prices would go down after a merger between it and Amazon, but a report by Vox shows prices went up on over 500 grocery items.

Meanwhile, JC Penny is closing 26 stores, Victoria Secrets will be closing 53 stores and Foot Locker is closing 165 stores.

What will happen to all those workers? We may have an answer to that question.

Universal Basic Income

If people think the green New Deal is radical, how about a universal basic income? 

Andrew Yang who is running for President has many ideas. One is, we should add a value added tax to corporations to pay $1000 to every American.

It would help offset the massive job losses due to acquisition and mergers , tech and automation.

It’s a radical plan, but what is happening to our economy is also radical.

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