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S3E7: the administrative state deconstructed

Liberal but practical podcast

The World As I Like It To Be is a liberal podcast, but I like to think we are a practical one.

On today’s show we will discuss the winners and losers from night one of the 2020 democratic debate that aired on NBC and MSNBC and Telemundo on Wednesday 26th 2019.

The purpose of today’s blog is to discuss why some of what Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren would like to do will not work. Both having to do with the court and world events.

But first, according to  The New York Times, almost 15.3 million Americans tuned into Wednesday’s debate, a number that far exceeded what NBC News had anticipated.

Viewership almost equaled the 2015 Democratic primary debate between Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton.

It’s important to note that 15.3 million did not include streaming services or live viewings on YouTube, Facebook and other progressive podcasts and online series that normally skew close to the democratic base.

Surprisingly, the commander in chief remained relatively quiet on twitter during the whole thing.  I wonder why….

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