The Mueller Report-The media and Steele Dossier

On today’s show we ask the question: did the media overhype the Mueller report? 

Does the media need to adjust the way it reports these stories in the era of social media?

Denise from California and I do an analysis on the media and the claims made by the 24 hour news cycle, including the Steele Dossier

Mike Isikoff who, with David Korn, wrote a book about Russia and Trump called Russian Roulette makes a stunning admission about the Steele Dossier on All In With Chris Hayes.

Let’s not forget the existence of the Steele Dossier was first reported by David Korn for Mother Jones and was very controversial.

Michael Steele a retired British spy and expert on Russia, was first hired by Republicans to find dirt on Donald Trump.  

It is from that initial report that we get the so called “pee tape” and reports of Trump’s lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen going to Prague to meet with Russians.

Side note: Cohen has repeatedly, under oath, sworn that he did not go to Prague.   

When Trump began winning with Republicans, Steele was hired by the Clinton campaign to continue his oppo research. 

It remains unclear whether any of that work was ever used by Clinton against Donald Trump. 

What is clear is what Steele uncovered so concerned him he took his findings to contacts in the U.S. government.

That’s how John McCain got hold of the report which ended up in the hands of the FBI.

Ironically, it has recently been reported, Trump BFF Lindsey Graham encouraged John McCain to give the dossier to the FBI.  

In either case anyone who has followed the coverage knows the FBI began its investigation into Trump before they got hold of the dossier.

Investigators began looking into Russia and the Trump campaign due to the behavior of two campaign members: Carter Page and later George Papadopoulos.

Finally, if you thought the work of the special counsel was over you would be wrong.

According to Politico, the grand jury convened by the special council is still in session and is …

“…continuing robustly.”

…according to David Goodhand, an assistant U.S. attorney.

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