S2E10 – Healthy Diet, Healthy Life

How do you learn to eat healthy?

How do you go from drinking milk, eating beef and pork to drinking nut milk and eating just vegetables and whole grains?

Today is the final episode of our series on health and wellness with Meena, a certified yoga and Pilates instructor in New York city.

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S2E9 – Yoga for meditation and stress relief

From yogaandpilatesforyou.com

Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning to yoke or unite the source of our being.
Yoga is a combination of poses and postures (asanas), breathing (pranayama) and meditation that focuses on stress reduction, and toning muscles.  This is achieved through slow, dynamic movement.  

These techniques increase strength, endurance and energy.  There is low risk of injury to muscles and ligaments as it is a non-competitive exercise regiment performed at one’s own pace.

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S2E8 – What is pilates?

In today’s episode I continue my conversation on health and wellness with Meena a certified yoga and pilates instructor in NYC.

The is the second episode in the series.

The goal of these episodes is get listeners thinking about adding exercise to their daily routine.

We want you to understand exercise is not just going out and running for a few miles in the street or on a treadmill.

Yoga and pilates provides both strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular workout without the undo stress on joints and bones.

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S2E7 – Health and healing with yoga

The elections got you down?  Are you frustrated that your candidate didn’t win?  Are you stressed about the recount?

Relax!  Relieve your stress and focus on a return to health and happiness with yoga.

That’s right folks, we are stepping away from political talk and talking to Meena, a NYC certified yoga instructor, who just happens to be my cousin.

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S2E6: 2018 Midterms Election Finale

Denise from California calls in to go over the results of the 2018 midterms election.

This extended episode was recorded last night, but news keeps breaking on these races every day.

As we all know by now, democrats did not have quite the blue wave hoped for, but did well none the less.

The party took back the House and made major gains in the governor’s races nationwide.

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S2E4: Did the media blow it with Kentucky?

This is a continuation of our 2018 election coverage.

We begin with my opinion that the national news media may have blown it by not reporting about an alleged racist man’s attempt to enter a church before shooting and killing two African Americans at a Kroger supermarket  in Kentucky.

Would houses of worship been on high alert if they’d known?

Then I go on a bit of a tear regarding Jake Tapper’s “both sides” argument on last week’s State of the Union .

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