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Episode Fifteen: Is a blue wave coming

Is a blue wave coming?  That’s one of many things we will be talking about on today’s show with Denise from California.

At the top of the show I discuss some of the top news stories of the last week or so, including reports that Michael Cohen is ready to flip on his former boss Donald Trump.

Cohen is prepared to testify that The President knew about a meeting at Trump Tower in 2016.

This is important because we know special council Muller has been interested in Manafort’s role in that meeting.

According to Newsweek, during a 2017 raid on Manfort’s home, FBI agents were specifically looking for information related to the Trump tower meeting.

In business news, Facebook stock got crushed last week due to slow growth while in national news California wildfires have set the state ablaze.

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Episode One – Premiere

In this, the premiere episode of The World As I Like It To Be, we discuss the mid term elections in California with Denise from California.

Is there a blue wave coming and will it continue through California?

The state changed its midterm election system into a so called “jungle primary” which, allows voters to pick whatever candidate they want regardless of party.  The top two duke it out in the general election in November.

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