Episode Seventeen: Grab em by the midterms

This has been a very eventful week.

We have fires continuing to burn in Northern California causing unprecedented devastation and the scandalous revelations in a new book by former White House adviser and tv personality Omarosa (the President called her a “low life” today).

Then we have the ongoing Manafort trial and last but not least, the anniversary of the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia

it’s a lot.

But on today’s show we are keeping it simple.

Today I am talking politics and the upcoming midterms with Denise from California.

Denise is an activist who supports justice democrats and  progressive candidates nationwide.


The Obama Endorsement

First up, we discuss  former President Obama’s endorsements  of 70 – 100 candidates.



Will this help or hurt candidates in the fall?

We discuss what I think are some of the pitfalls of the Obama enforcement.

Grab em by the mid terms.


Then Denise informs our audience of  an article by Michelle Goldberg which has a byline “thanks to Trump, Democrats have a shot in Orange County”.


The article states, the long time representative of the 48th district Dana Rohrabacher could be unseated by a Democrat due to Trump’s historic unpopularity.


…the Republican has a formidable opponent in Harley Rouda, a strapping, square-jawed millionaire who won the Democratic primary in part thanks to Indivisible’s support.

In the 48th, the move away from the Republican Party seems dependent on Trump. Rouda became a Democrat only last year; before that he was an independent. He donated $1,000 to John Kasich’s presidential campaign, though he told me this was because of their close personal friendship rather than ideological sympathy. “I’m a businessman, an attorney, who believes in being socially progressive and fiscally responsible,” he said.


Eventually, if the Democratic Party expands into affluent enclaves that were once dominated by conservatives, there may be tension between upscale centrist representatives and economic populists. But in a sign of how much the Democratic Party’s center of gravity has shifted leftward, Rouda supports a moderate version of Medicare for All, in which people below retirement age can choose to buy into the program. A decade ago, that would have been considered radical.


Besides, there’s no greater Democratic unifier than Trump. Rouda describes the fundamental issues in his race as “basic respect for the foundations and the institutions of our democracy, and basic decency.” If Democrats suddenly have a shot in Orange County, it’s because Trump has made basic decency a partisan position.


Listen here:


Unite the right, wrong!


I would be remiss if I did not draw attention to the anniversary of the white supremacist rally that will be celebrated again tomorrow.

Frontline and ProPublica did an amazing documentary you can find below:


Additional videos to take a look at:

Morning Joe interview of Rashida Tlaib in Michigan

Secular Talk regarding the success of justice Dems:



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