Episode Sixteen: California Burning. Liberals on fire.

On todays’ show we discuss the news of the day with Denise from California.

Carr Fire


USA Today calls the Carr Fire in Redding, California, the deadliest fire in California history.

The toll of devastation from one of the most brutal fires in California history rose Wednesday to more than 1,000 homes destroyed and almost 200 damaged as a sprawling wildfire ignited by a spark from a towed vehicle grew to 180 square miles.

Blistering heat, shifting winds, steep terrain and plentiful dried growth continued to challenge more than 4,000 firefighters battling the Carr Fire, which has killed six people, including two firefighters.

And the United States is not the only country being hit with extreme weather.

In Greece a wildfire raged through coastal areas east of Athens.  25 people were missing as of Sunday, six days after Europe’s deadliest forest fire in a century.


Clearly this is what scientists have warned would happen.

Global climate change has caused extreme weather throughout the  planet.  From super storms to extreme heat in places not seen before.

So it is ironic and tragic that the Trump administration’s EPA has stated it will change President Obama’s initiative to increase  fuel and emission standards in cars.

It also intends to   challenge  the waver given to California over its emissions standards.

The administration’s plan would freeze miles-per-gallon targets in 2020 for six years. It would also move to end California’s power to set its own, tougher emissions standards and invalidate the state mandate that automakers sell a specified number of electric vehicles.

EPA officials sought to portray the proposal as the administration’s opening bid in a negotiation with California. State officials, however, loudly denounced the plan as too extreme and threatened to fight it in court. California and the 13 other states that follow its more stringent rules argue the Clean Air Act empowers them to keep the Obama-era standards in place in their markets.

Liberals fired up

According to USA Today, the progressive online funding platform ACTBlue has reportedly raised 1 billion dollars in contributions from Democratic activists.

The fundraising milestone, shared first with USA TODAY, offers a sign that the liberal activism fueled by President Trump’s election isn’t slowing down.

The group predicts donations will top $1.5 billion by year’s end, double the amount the fundraising clearinghouse processed in the 2016 election cycle. By comparison, it took ActBlue nearly 12 years — from its founding in June 2004 until March 2016 — to raise its first $1 billion.

The average donation this cycle: $34.


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