Episode Twenty: The Blue Wave

The blue wave is coming.

It was primary day in Massachusetts yesterday and another political earthquake shook the Democratic party.

Ten term democratic Congressman Mike Capuano was unseated by 44 year old Boston city council woman Ayanna Pressley.

The double digit victory is a political stunner like AOC’s in New York (although some may disagree).

In today’s show we will be talking, in part, about last week’s primaries with Denise from California.

But first…


Aretha laid to rest, while old controversy awaken


Controversy erupted over the eulogy of Aretha Franklin on Friday.  The family of the queen of soul called it “offensive and distasteful” as Reverend Jasper Williams used the occasion to take the black community to task.

He went after black lives matter, after single mothers  and the lack of fathers in the home.

The nephew of the late singer provided a statement.

I want to speak on behalf of the Franklin family as it relates to the comments that Rev. Jasper Williams, Jr. made on Friday during my aunt’s Celebration of Life service on Friday, August 31. We found the comments to be offensive and distasteful.

Rev. Jasper Williams spent more than 50 minutes speaking and at no time did he properly eulogize her.

My aunt did not ask Rev. Jasper Williams, Jr. to eulogize her before she passed away because dying is a topic that she never discussed with anyone.

Our family asked Rev. Jasper Williams, Jr. to perform the eulogy because he eulogized our grandfather (Rev. C. L. Franklin), my aunt (Erma Franklin) and my uncle (Cecil Franklin). However, there were several people that my aunt admired that would have been outstanding individuals to deliver her eulogy including Dr. William J. Barber, Rev. Al Sharpton, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Rev. James Holley and Pastor E.L. Branch.

We feel that Rev. Jasper Williams, Jr. used this platform to push his negative agenda, which as a family, we do not agree with.

Expect to see the reverend on Fox News (and perhaps AM Joy) in the coming days.


The come from behind win


The primaries held last week were a bit of a snoozer except for the outstanding, come from behind, no one could have predicted, win by Andrew Gillum.

Gillum is a much celebrated mayor of Tallahassee, Florida who made his national debut pushing common sense gun laws.

That win will go along side Alexandra Ocasio Cortez’s win in NY and now Ayanna Pressley’s win in Massachusetts.

Politico has a list of the results from last week’s primaries in Florida, Oklahoma and Arizona.

Results from yesterday’s elections are here.

According to 538, the democrats are in the best position ever to take over the House.

Andrew Gillum: Bernie or Hillary?


Finally we discuss MSNBC AM Joy show which seemed to go out of its way to promote Gillum as not from the Bernie Sanders wing of the party, but from the establishment

Denise, a justice democrat and Bernie supporter, agrees with me that this equivocation would not even be a topic if the mayor of Tallahassee  had lost to his opponent, the establishment candidate, Gwen Graham.

Denise and discuss this and more below:





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