S2E11 – Faith and religion with Det. Darnley Small

Last episode we focused on physical health and mental well being through diet, exercise and meditation.

In this series of episodes I am going to focus on spiritual health and well being through faith and religion.

I will be interviewing Detective Darnley Small, a retired trainer for the New York City Police Department.

Detective Small is also an elder in his church and did racism training for the NYC Presbytery.

In this episode we begin with how Detective Small became a man of faith and how he ended up as one of the only African Americans to chair a committee for the Presbytery.

Given the holiday season, I also want to share some of my favorite shows celebrating the life of Jesus to the music of the season.

PBS/Frontline extraordinary documentary series on the first Christians from 09:

Part One

Part Two

Then on the life of Jesus from 18 years ago.

Then from a few years ago:  The Last Days of Jesus

And finally, the best music of the season from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir:


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