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On today’s The World As I Like It To Be, we take on conservative and liberal in this podcast. And will be exploring the items to look for in the lead up to the election in 2020.

We focused on the differences between liberal Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders on yesterday’s podcast. Just how far are progressive Democrats willing to go to address the issues that plague this nation? 

In this episode we continue the conversation including other issues driving the democratic party, this time between moderates and liberals.

Then, we look at the other side of the fence and talk about the issues the Republicans have.

Issues, having less to do with Trump, but more about party loyalty and, what I believe is the main problem, disgust with the increase of spending.

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And now, the podcast:

Sounding the alarm

As stated in the The World As I Like It To Be podcast,  two weeks ago, Axios reports:

In 2016, every single Senate race went to the candidate of the same party that those states voted for in the presidential election, according to a new analysis by the Democratic group One Country Project, provided exclusively to Axios.

It’s important to note:  One Country Project was created by conservative democrat Heidi Heidkamp. Heidkamp is one of those democrats that sees the only chance of beating Trump is to “talk to Trump voters”.  

I assume the goal is to win them over to voting democrat.   It’s a misguided attempt in my opinion.  Liberal candidates should not spend time winning over voters who have been brainwashed and are willing to see their livelihoods destroyed to support the man who is doing this (as I state in the podcast).  

The Axios piece goes on to state the project’s findings are – Republicans have a “significant” head start in controlling the U.S .Senate.

The conclusion:

“[U]nless we do a better job engaging rural Americans, Republicans will have a massive head start in every race for a Senate majority and a lock on enough seats to stand in the way of a Democratic president’s agenda,” Heitkamp said. “If nothing changes, Democrats will never have more than a hope and a prayer of eking out a slim Senate majority — at best.”

Unskew the polls – Democratic Edition

Too much can be made of the “trouble” Republicans are in, especially those in Texas.  Remember “unskew the polls” which reportedly showed Barack Obama losing to Mitt Romney if you would show the correct polling (i.e. removing all the liberal bias)?

Reading a story here and there, watching television and listening to liberal podcast about Texas turning purple or even blue or Republicans losing voters or Trump “underwater” in the suburbs, is democrats’ own version of “unskew the polls”. 

That is to say – looking at data that may appear favorable to ones side and ignoring other data that does not look favorable.

But to be fair and just for a good pick me  up after that last Heidi Heitkamp piece, I feel like we should look at all the “danger” Republicans are in.

It’s all about Texas

Politico reports “Republicans need to be very concerned” about 2020.  The essay states points to House retirements, changing demographics like in Arizona and Texas as well as the suburbs and close races during the midterms in Republican strongholds as a reason for the concern.

The case study of all of the above it Texas.  Politico notes:

Now, at least eight House seats are in play there, and Sen. John Cornyn is bracing for a competitive reelection race. It’s not out of the question that Democrats could make a play for the state’s 38 Electoral College votes, which would all but clinch the presidency if they were to succeed.

“Republicans need to be very concerned about Texas,” said Texas Republican Rep. Brian Babin. “Texas is definitely in play. We need to take this very, very seriously.”

In Huston, The Guardian reports Sri Preston Kulkarni is making a run for a Texas congressional district held by the GOP.    The Houston community he lives is very diverse with:

“a Muslim community centre, a Korean market, Hindu temples, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian and Mexican restaurants”

The article goes on to state:

…these shifting demographics that have long offered hope for Democrats that they might soon overturn Republican hegemony in the state. The Republicans have dominated for the last 30 years but their grip on this emblematic state may be about shift.

The state’s Hispanic population is predicted to outnumber white residents as soon as 2022.”

White Supremacy hurting Trump?

As one can imagine Trump’s racism has managed to alienate Hispanics.  To make matters worse, white supremacists are taking their grievances to the streets:

“The El Paso killings will hasten the process of non-white communities in Texas mobilizing to exert greater political influence, said Antonio Arellano, interim executive director of Jolt, a Texas-based not-for-profit group that aims to boost political engagement among Latino people.

“Latinos are coming out to vote like never before because our lives genuinely depend on it. We are being attacked not just all the way at the top in the highest office in the land, but that hatred and discriminatory rhetoric is spewing into our communities and now what we’re seeing is bloodshed in our streets,” Arellano said.”

The headline in the New Republic makes it ever more clear in large blue letters: Texas Is Bracing for a Blue Wave in 2020. Yes, Texas.

The article goes on to state:

“Texas Republicans are on the defensive in their national fortress—and they’re both talking and acting like it.

“The tectonic plates shifted in Texas in 2018,” Senator John Cornyn, the powerful Republican who’s facing reelection in 2020 (with just a 37 percent approval rating) said earlier this year.

Cornyn has been sounding the alarms ever since November, warning national Republicans against complacency and spelling out the dire consequences for his party if they can’t stave off the Democratic surge: “If Texas turns back to a Democratic state, which it used to be, then we’ll never elect another Republican [president] in my lifetime,” said Cornyn.

What to make of all the talk of succession?

Finally, there are the fringe nuts who are still looking for Texas to succeed from the United States with the help of, you guessed it, Russia.

A group called the Texas Nationalist Movement has two eccentric founders and a flag to boot.

The flag highlights the years of strange ties between the Texas-based group and patrons in Moscow. The Texas Nationalist Movement, the leading pro-secession group in Texas, claims that its “mission is to secure and protect the political, cultural and economic independence of the nation of Texas and to restore and protect a constitutional Republic and the inherent rights of the people of Texas.”

But since at least 2015, representatives from the Texas Nationalist Movement have traveled to Russia to stake their case for those in Russia to back their cause.

The article goes on to state Russia’s disinformation platform the IRA (internet research agency) has helped juice these secessionist movements on social media.  So much so, TNM was reportedly caught in the crosshairs of the Mueller investigation .

As an aside – if you have not read or heard the Mueller report click here to listen to the Report. It is a podcast – not a liberal podcast – but a straight up news podcast that is very good.

These soft targets in the U.S. (in Texas and blue California) could be a problem for the nation when the IRA disinformation group (or any other group world wide) comes calling.   

Intervention in our podcast

I mention liberals are in trouble in today’s podcast. One example is made very clear in this season’s Intervention series, called the “Heroin Club”.

The entire series tackles the issues that are dividing citizens in major democratic strongholds like Pennsylvania and Washington state.

For democrats to win in 2020 they need to add, not subtract.

Dealing with homelessness and drug abuse is divide neighbor from neighbor and liberal democrats from moderate democrats as I mention in the podcast. 

In that case it was Seattle. But check out these few clips that perfectly illustrate the divide that dems must figure out in 2020.

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