Episode Six: police training w Det Small

Police training w Det Small

This is part four of a continuing conversation about police training  with retired police officer Detective Darnley Small.   Detective Small was an instructor for the human relations unit of the NYC Police Department doing advanced specialized training.

We begin talking about how police training can help cops with understanding the issues within the community by looking at discrimination. 

Detective Small shares a story of how a female police officer was discouraged by family members from becoming a cop and how racism manifests itself as a worse case situation. Then we talk about tips on how to handle situations where we feel uncomfortable around another race.

The Four P’s

We end discussing the arrest of Henry Louis Gates for breaking into his own home in 2009  and finally the four p’s of “ism” and how they can be used to destroy racism.

In our discussion we briefly mention Jane Elliot’s groundbreaking “brown eye/blue eye” experiment.

This is a recording of the original test performed not long after the death of Dr. Martin Luther King:


Jane Elliot was recently interviewed regarding her experiment on Oprah:



You can check out part one of this interview  here.

Detective Small’s  very honest and personal views are his own and not those of VTIP Entertainment or New York City Police Department.

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Episode six is here:


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