Episode Ten: policing the community w/ Det. Small

In this episode I continue my conversation on policing with Detective Small a veteran of the New York City Police Department’s human relations unit.

In this episode we discuss policing the community and New York City’s attempts to address the community’s issues by creating CCRB.

As an instructor detective Small has had to train police officers of all ranks in crisis intervention and diversity.

As a result he has worked with organizations within the department such as the patrolmen’s benevolent association or PBA and those outside the department such as the civilian complaint review board or CCRB.

Good community policing or a cover up?

The civilian complaint review board, once chaired by Maya Wiley, is “a farce” according to detective Small.

In our interview he reveals  how and why the agency is undermined from within and gives some simple steps on how to fix it.

NYC in the 80’s

Next, we discuss the enduring legacy of some of the most notorious cases involving the public and the police including Tawana Brawley and Central Park Jogger case.

Finally, we touch on the importance of standards and expectations and how they ultimately determine our response to stress in  the world.

Detective Small has very honest and personal views.  They are his own and do not reflect the views of  VTIP Entertainment or New York City Police Department.

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